Backup: Getting Started

Big Business Server now includes built-in Backup. This feature allows you to set a schedule to automatically back up your Data File without shutting down Big Business Server.

The Solution provides instructions for getting started with the built-in Backup in Big Business Server. (6080)

Wait to setup Backup until there are no Connected Users using Big Business Server. Backup will write its initial backup file immediately, which it cannot do if Users are in the process of entering data.

To Set Up Backup:

1. From the File menu choose Backup

2. Click Preferences and complete the entries for:
• Configuration - check only Data File and choose a Destination Folder
• Scheduler - choose a time when no one is connected
• Backup - click Cancel After 5 Attempts
• Restore - do not check Restore

3. Click OK to Save the Preferences

4. Click Backup to commence backing up


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