Backup: Configuration

In the Backup Preferences for Configuration are various options for backing up your Data File, parts of the program, designated files and folders, and creating a Log File.

This Solution provides instructions for choosing the appropriate settings for the built-in Backup in Big Business Server. (6034)

In the Backup Preferences for Configuration, there are settings for choosing what to back up, where to save the backup files, and whether to create a Log File.

Use these settings:

• Click the checkbox to back up your Data File only. It is not necessary to back up other Big Business files that can be replaced by reinstalling.

• Choose a Destination Folder that is convenient, has plenty of free space, and/or is included in a system backup.

• Use a Log File if you want to be able to Rollback to to any earlier point (5 minute or 5 hours ago instead of to the last full backup). The Log File should be stored on a fast local drive.


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