Documents and Notes

Big Business lets you add Documents and Notes:
• on the Folder tab on Customer, Vendor, etc.
• in the Docs Folder tool on transactions

This Solution provides an overview. (6391)

You can attach documents and notes to a window.

• Documents are files created in programs outside Big Business--letters, memos, spreadsheets, and so on. By attaching these documents, you can keep track of all your work related to the customer, vendor, or item in one place.

• Notes are text comments that you create in Big Business. (These notes are different from the ones that you access with the Note toolbar. See Chapter 7 for information.)
Attached documents and notes are displayed in a list where you can open them. (The program associated with an attached document must be installed on your computer for you to open the document.)

To open an attached document or note:
1. Click the Customer Folder tab.
2. Double-click an item in the list to open it. Alternatively, select the item and click
the button.