Big Business 14.63 makes slight changes to improve aesthetics for your enjoyment.

Some objects such as the Show dropdown have been moved slightly. Some labels such as Tax have been fixed from adapting the wrong color.

  Secure Credit Cards, Logos

Big Business 14.63 updates the logos used by Secure Credit Cards to use current logos.

After you Add a Card Number, Big Business displays the last four digits and the logo that shows you the Type of card: Visa, MasterCard, American Expess, or Discover.

  Planned Builds (New)

Planned Builds let you build items from components in steps, Planned and Completed.
Saving new Builds as Planned lets Big Business show what you need to buy for builds.

Planned Builds are new in Big Business 14 and part of Free MRP or Full MRP option. Free MRP works in all Editions setting Allocations of Items to show you planned use.
Full MRP works in Open and Built Editions to show you Released Orders and Builds.

  Widgets Prefs

Widgets Prefs are new in Big Business 14 to show new widgets, such as for credit card.

Credit Card Widget appears on Customer, Order, Invoice, and Payment, showing the Type and Last Four digits of the card selected and offering a dropdown menu with your options to Edit, Authorize, or Capture.

  Finance Charges Update

Big Business 14 updates the Finance Charge tool to use Listbox for moveable columns.

  Planned Build Substitutions

Big Business 14 allows you to make Substitutions in a built item using Planned Builds.

If you are missing a component for a built item on an Order, create a Planned Build and enter a substitute. This will update inventory to correct allocations for the short parts.

This function will receive addtional automation in due course. Until that time, you will need to adjust the Cost of the built item for any cost variance due to substituted parts.