Chapter 615 Planned Builds

Planned Builds let you build items from components in steps, Planned and Completed.

Planned updates Quantity Allocated for the components and items on a Planned Build. Allocated settings include all subcomponents for multi-level built items, automatically. In turn, Quantity Needed is set for all Bought components making purchasing a snap.

Completed Builds update Quantity On Hand. When you turn on Planned Builds, any existing Builds appear as Completed. New Builds will give you the option of Planned.

  Planned Builds

Planned Builds let you enter Item Adjustments for built items you are planning to build.

Planned is a new Status that allocates the components of built items so you can order. Edit and save the Item Adjustment as Completed when you have built the items on it.

Turn on Planned Builds in Item Prefs. Then enter an Item Adjustment for a built item. When you save, Big Business will ask if want to set as Planned or Completed.

  Item Prefs

Planned Builds is a new option in Item Prefs which you can turn on to work with built items, such as kits made from other inventory components, and defer changes to Qty's On Hand until Completed. Planned Builds set Qty Allocated for the items in process.

Planned Builds works with Allocate Builds, which allocates the components of out-of-stock built items, such as any sub-assemblies you might have in Planned Builds.

Planned Builds also works with Warehouses to set allocations for the warehouse(s) chosen on the Item Adjustment or its Line Items when the Planned Build is entered.

  Adjustments Status

Status is a new column that can be added in the Adjustments tool to see your past adjustments as Completed and see new Planned Builds as Planned.

Planned Builds are a new feature to allocate the components of built items you are planning to build. Turn on Planned Builds in Item Prefs and then when you are saving a new Build, Big Business will ask if you would like to set it as Planned or Completed.

  Start Date

Start Date lets you enter the starting date you want assigned for a new Planned Build.

Start Date can be shown on the Adjustments list window for reference and scheduling.

  Start Dates

Start Dates for Planned Builds can be shown on the Adjustments list as a new column.

Planned Builds defer changes to inventory until they are Completed and instead change Allocated so you can see what you need to buy or have available as you do for Orders.

Like the Ship Date on Orders, the Start Date on Planned Builds estimates when you will need the components. With reliable entries you can work from Adjustments list.

To see Ship Dates, go to Adjustments and click Add(+) to show Status and Start Date.

  Build Date

Big Business can prompt you or automatically update the Date of an Item Adjustment when you have entered a Planned Build and re-save as Completed to update inventory.

  Update Build Date

With Planned Builds you have the option to have Big Business change the Date of the Build when it is Completed.

  Mark Released

Mark Released lets you set Planned Builds to Released status to be built.

This option works with the MRP Add-On to allow planning.

  Pre-Release Builds

As with orders, you can pre-release line items on Planned Builds to reserve inventory.

This feature works with Warehouses and MRP to help with planning and fulfillment.

  Planned Build Substitutions

Big Business 14 allows you to make Substitutions in a built item using Planned Builds.

If you are missing a component for a built item on an Order, create a Planned Build and enter a substitute. This will update inventory to correct allocations for the short parts.

This function will receive addtional automation in due course. Until that time, you will need to adjust the Cost of the built item for any cost variance due to substituted parts.