Contact Icons

Contact is a new icon set that copies Contour and changes the coloring for visibility.

Pictured are Contour on top, which becomes illegible in Dark Mode on the second row, followed by Contact which is blue and easier to see using Light (3) or Dark (4) mode.

If you are using Contour but moving to macOS Sonoma and Dark Mode try Contact.

  Tool Icons

Big Business 14 updates Tool Icons, to add choices for Dark Mode on the Mac, or and some better looks for Windows. Icon Prefs let you choose the Icons you want to use.

Go to Employee toolbar, My Prefs, and select your preferred icon set.

This Solution describes this option. (7807)

Big Business icons are evolving. New icons meet new qualifications:
• high-resolution for new displays and scaling
• baked-in for responsiveness
• pre-configured in themes

Choices for Icons Prefs are:
• System Setting - use the system setting (Satin, or the selection in Company Prefs).
• Classic - the original Big Business icons hand-drawn by Dave served on white
• Satin - simple and contempory with soft outlines and shadows on a modern bevel
• Carbon - striking with rich gradients for depth on a void background
• Harmony - decidedly lighter, simple, and elegant on highlight buttons
• Contour - cosmopolitan, bold, and clear on a modern bevel
• Helios - playful and versatile on highlight buttons

To set your Icon Prefs:
1. Go to Employee toolbar to My Prefs
2. For Icon Prefs choose a setting
3. Click OK to save My Prefs

  Vendor Fields

Big Business 14 increases the size of vendor fields to allow for larger addresses.

  Contact Fields

Big Business 14 increases the size of contact fields to allow for larger addresses.

  Diamond Icons

Diamond is a new icon set that copies Carbon and changes the coloring for visibilitly.

Pictured are Carbon in Light Mode, Carbon in Dark Mode, Diamond in Light Mode, and Diamond in Dark Mode.

  My Prefs Updates

My Prefs empower you to set the look and feel you want while using Big Business 14.

Big Business 14 includes a variety of updates to keep features you like so they work the same and add new options to work different when you are ready or need a change.