Chapter 98 My Prefs

My Prefs let you change the look of your Big Business Client and set your preferences for searching, sorting, printing, emailing, and more.

  My Prefs

Big Business helps you customize your work environment by offering each user a choice of styles and settings in My Prefs. My Prefs lets you choose settings for:
• Notes
• Windows
• Tool tips
• Sort Order
• Fonts
• Printing
• Emailing

This Solution provides details for some of these settings. (5720)

  Check for New Notes

Big Business Notes let users send messages to other users on the system and attach Big Business entries or documents. Each user has preferences, in My Prefs, for how often to check for new Notes.

The Solution describes this setting. (5888)

  New Window

The New Window setting lets you choose to always open a new window. The default setting in Big Business is to only open one Order, one Item Adjustment, one instance of any tool.

You can hold Shift to open another instance of a tool, so a new Order won't force you to close another Order already open on your screen.

Or you can change the New Window setting in My Prefs to Advanced, which will alwa

  Auto Email

Auto Email is a new setting in My Prefs for testing new options in emailing.

• Classic is the setting used by default and uses Applescript in a standard way.
• New Mac also uses Applescript but in a new way to work with new Macs.
• Server is a setting to Auto Send from Big Business Server.

With Big Business 13.49, Classic is no longer the default but can be selected if needed.