Chapter 223 Shopify Admin

This chapter covers improvements you might make to get more from Shopify Connect.

The basic function is to bring in Customers and Orders, to save you time and mistakes.
The basic setup makes the connection and has you choose Automatic settings to start.

By customizing the workflow, the data brought in, and the data put back, you can make significant improvements, when ready, to make processing even more seamless.

  Shopify Archived

Big Business Shopify Connect can get orders that are Open and set them to Archived. This ensures each Shopify order is imported into Big Business only once.

Archived orders appear in Shopify Admin under Closed, where you can select orders to Create Shipping Labels, Mark As Fulfilled, Capture Payments, and even Unarchive.

  Category Selection

Big Business 14.52 fixes the Modifiable Categories window to work with single-click.

In the picture, one click highlights the row and a second click, after a pause, is needed to select the contents to edit. This is fixed so that a single-clicks selects the contents.

  Inactive Imports

Big Business 14 extends Inactive settings to Imports and connections like Shopify.

When you turn on Inactive Prefs for your system it prevents selling of Inactive Items. Now, Imports and sales connections like Shopify Connect, exclude Inactive Items, too.

Please email if you need help configuring.