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Inactive Status

Inactive is a growing set of features to control access to old data. Inactive Status lets you hide or prevent the use of entries that are marked Inactive, including:
• Accounts
• Bins
• Contacts
• Customers
• Employees
• Items
• Vendors

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Inactive Prefs
Unlock Status Inactive

Inactive Prefs

Inactive Prefs control whether you see records that are marked Inactive.

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Inactive Checkbox

The Inactive Checkbox lets you mark records Inactive.

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Unlock Status Inactive

Unlock Status Inactive lets you allow an Employee to use entries that are marked Inactive.

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Inactive Status

Inactive Components

Big Business checks the Components of Built and Bundle Items and prevents sales of items with components that have been marked Inactive.

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Soft Landing

Inactive Accounts

Big Business 8 adds features for Inactive Accounts:
• removed from Account Listing
• removed from Category Listing
• removed from Bank Account Listing

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Special Access
Show Accounts Pulldown for Reports

Inactive Changes

Inactive now includes instant updating of Lists. This makes it easier to mark Customers or Items as Inactive and bring them back when needed.

Big Business 11.17 fixes Item Export to include Inactive.
Big Business 11.15 changes Inactive to immediately updates Listings.

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