MySQL Access

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database--simply the best for access.

Big Business has setup options to share data to with systems that can access MySQL. Your shipping station can get Orders to read shipping addresses and put back tracking.

If you have a web store you administer, you may want Items the instant they change. If your store is B2B, you may want Customers, too. It's up to you, what you can do.

Big Business 14.48 updates MySQL Access to add "non-blocking" options for Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform with option to run MySQL databases.

  Double-Click Prefs

Double-Click Prefs let you override new double-click feature to drill-down to an Item.

Double-Click Prefs control what happens when you double-click on an existing line item.

Choices for Double-Click Prefs are:
• System Setting (uses your company setting or default setting)
• Select (normal, old behavior such as select text)
• Drill-Down (new default behavior to go to the Item card)

Logo is the default setting that prints your Logo on all forms. Letterhead is a new setting that does not print your logo when going to paper, only when you are going to PDF or Email.

To set your Double-Click Prefs:
1. On Employee toolbar go to My Prefs, to User Settings
2. For Double-Click Prefs choose a setting
3. Click OK to save My Prefs

To set Double-Click Prefs for your company:
1. Go to the Company card to the Company Prefs tab
2. For Double-Click Prefs choose a setting
3. Click OK to save the Company Card

  Reset Allocated

Allocated Qtys are updated by Orders and Planned Builds using settings in Item Prefs.

Allocate Builds is the setting in Item Prefs to let Big Business to allocate Components. When Allocate Builds is on, Orders for built items allocate any needed components.

To reset Allocated Qtys, turn off Allocate Builds, then turn it back on, or vice versa. If you change settings for Planned Builds or Warehouses, reset allocations to update.

  Mark Released

Mark Released lets you set Planned Builds to Released status to be built.

This option works with the MRP Add-On to allow planning.

  Chapter 55 MySQL Access

Big Business lets you access data such as Customer, Items, and Orders, using MySQL. We can connect Shipping for you, or you can get Items for your web store, or send all data to a parent company system like Oracle or for data warehousing. It's up to you.

This chapter provides a quick overview, highlighting recent changes and possible uses. Other chapters detail connecting Shipping or setting up Macs, Windows, using ODBC.