TaxJar Fixes

Big Business 13.66 and Big Business 14.23 fix a problem with TaxJar Lookup blocking Created Date on new records.

Big Business 11.27 updates Duplicate for Quote, Order, and Invoice so they clear TaxJar results.

This solution describes TaxJar Connect fixes. (6941)

  USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking is a new menu choice in the Shipment Information window pulldown. Professional Shipper can post your USPS Tracking back to Big Business. This options makes it easy to use the tracking with the postal service's online lookup.

  Shipment Information

Shipment Information is the data posted back to Big Business from shipping systems like UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager, and Professional Shipper.

  Audit Stamp

Audit Stamp automatically assigns a Created Date or Modified Date along with the name of the User, when an entry is created or edited in the tool for an individual entry.

Audit Stamp does not record changes mades in batches or as part of workflow.

  Send 1099

Send 1099 is a checkbox on the Vendor card to include them in 1099 Statement reports.

1099 Statement reports show total payments to the included Vendors, which your accountant needs for determining whether they are included in your 1099 reporting.

Send 1099 works with Find and Update on a Vendors search to change many at once. Big Business 13.66 and 14.22 fix Vendors search to Add (+) a column for Send 1099.

  Chapter 608 Audit Feature

This Chapter describes using the Audit Feature, which saves the date a record was created or modified in regu

  Created Date

Created Date shows the date a record was created if it was entered in its normal tool.

  Modified Date

Modified Date shows the date a record was modified if it was edited in its normal tool.

  Q&A Help

Q&A Help is a new column on the Q&A list, making it easier to find help. Just click the number of the help document, like (1234), and it will open the current entry from in your browser.