SDI Toolbar

SDI Client for Windows uses Single Document Interface. The Toolbar and each Tool open its own window. This changes the presentation and behaviour of the Toolbar.

  WooCommerce Advanced

WooCommerce Advanced includes additional settings for WooCommerce Connect.

To start it features Default Customer--handy for mulitple stores--and Stores--ditto. Get lets you get an Order from your store so you can map any Custom Fields added.

The blank space in the middle is for your requests.

  Woo II

Woo II offers you advanced or customized features to extend WooCommerce Connect.

WooCommerce Connect is an Add-On that allows Big Business to connect to your WordPress and WooCommerce powered online store and get Customers and Orders.
Fully customizable and fully automatic, this turnkey solution does the heavy lifting.

Woo II lets you add more features if you ever need. Connect additional online stores, add Custom Fields in WooCommerce, and enjoy complete customization and control.