Add Prices

Add Prices is a customization to increase Price Levels and Margins from five to fifteen.

To start it works by adding Prices and Margins to Items for Price Levels 6 through 15. These can be named in Item Prefs, edited in a new Price Levels tab in the Item card, and used for Customers, Quotes, Orders, Invoices.

To maintain new Prices, they are included on Searches, Exports, Update, and Imports.

  Verify Payments

Verify Payments can fix invoices with payment issues. With Locking disabled, it is possible to edit payments and create problems with linking of payment and invoice.

Big Business 13.74 and Big Business 14.31 increase the power of Verify to remove unneeded payment links. Please email if you need help.

  Invoice Payments

Invoice Payments was not updated for Advanced Listboxes. This oversight is corrected in Big Business 13.74 and Big Business 14.31.

Formatting of the Discounts column is fixed in Big Business 14.33

  Print Error

The pictured error, Error when executing the procedure "PrintOptions2" at Line number 41, is a regression bug from Big Business 13.66 that occurs when saving and printing while using TaxJar with custom mappings instead of Automatic settings.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 13.74 and Big Business 14.31.

  Chapter 611 Price Levels

Big Business lets you have five prices for each item and assign these Price Levels to customers to easily manage retail, wholesale, etc. pricing.