Chapter 419 Big Business 14

Big Business 14 uses a new Database and is a Universal application that runs natively on Macs with Apple or Intel chips and runs natively on Intel processors for Windows.

Because of the massive number of optimizations enabled, pre-release versions began testing almost a year before ceritfication of its Database and final release in April 2023.

This Chapter includes the most important changes that are specific to Big Business 14. General changes to Big Business are covered elsewhere.

  Big Business 14

Big Business 14 was released on April 19, 2023. This took a bit longer than expected.

Mac-only releases were available starting October 19, 2022 with the first Windows release January 1, 2023. Modern modularity allowed careful conversion of internals.

Big Business 14 includes hundreds of options, allowing you to choose only those that impact your work and extend your ability to offer your unique products and services. All options are complete and many custom options are being converted to mainstays.

  Big Business 14 Icon

Big Business 14 gets a new icon more in keeping with new standards. This is literally for appearances' sake, so it looks nice on a macOS Dock and a Windows 11 Desktop.

At heart, Big Business is still a rebel, not purely Windows or Mac, instead being all-in-one and native for either, easily connecting Windows shipping to Server for Mac, or running Windows Server in-house or in the cloud to efficiently connect any and all.

The new shared icon is one way Big Business delivers seamless sameness.

  Built-In Database

Big Business includes built-in Database software, which means:
• no additional purchase
• no additional installation
• no additional setup or configuration
You simply install Big Business and start it.

For one user only, there is one piece of software.

For multiple users, there are two pieces of software:
• Server goes on one computer and manages your Data File
• Client goes on all computers you want to connect
For most Updates you only need to update your Server software.

The following Updates chan... (more)

  Apple Silicon

Apple is making new Macs with its own processors, referring to the new chips as Apple Silicon.

Big Business 14 runs natively for Apple Silicon.


  Digital Strategy

Big Business delivers your digital strategy by keeping your accounting automated while bringing your web stores, warehouses, and more, into your growing system.

By automating tasks like reordering, or updating inventory, costs, and pricing, Big Business saves you time and money with each step toward realizing your digital aims.

And by adding newer, better hardware, while keeping your experienced hardware productive, you maximize your return on investment in both old and new computers.

  Dark Mode

Big Business 14 is system adaptive and has native support for Dark Mode on macOS.

Making this useable has required numerous changes that alter original coloring schemes. Most windows in Big Business have been updated for automatic colors set by system.

There will be ongoing changes, such as making non-enterable gray areas turn gray again. Hopefully, this will make the transition to support Dark Mode on Windows seamless.

  Planned Builds (New)

Planned Builds let you build items from components in steps, Planned and Completed.
Saving new Builds as Planned lets Big Business show what you need to buy for builds.

Planned Builds are new in Big Business 14 and part of Free MRP or Full MRP option. Free MRP works in all Editions setting Allocations of Items to show you planned use.
Full MRP works in Open and Built Editions to show you Released Orders and Builds.

  Shopify Setup (New)

Big Business 14 adds new Shopify Connect options to suppport Shopify Versioning, Access Tokens, and Editions starting with their new Summer '23 Edition.

  Cloud Server (Update)

Big Business 14 updates Cloud Server, available with Open Edition, to include Setup, new Security, and Support for Windows Server 2022, which is the best used for AWS.

  Forms Tool

Big Business 14 updates the Form Tool used for creating and editing custom forms.

  Tab Order

Use the Tab key to move to the next field for data entry. Use Shift-Tab to move back.

Big Business 14 updates the Tab Order on many screens to help save you time typing.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts you can run the whole program from the keyboard, always. This includes options such as the iPad button or Units column, chosen for your setup.

  Dynamic Windows

Big Business 14 will fix Dynamic Windows with misalignments and incorrect colors.

These do not affect workability and may not be fixed until 2023 when there is a Database update.

  Paged Forms

Paged Form are updated in Big Business 13.67 and Big Business 14.24 so they do not cause the displayed problem pictured, which is moving objects off screen, in this case the message and buttons that are suppose to appear on this dialog.

This Solution lists the updated forms in case there problems with any. (7606)

  Lock Backgrounds

Lock Backgrounds were gray backgrounding for Fields to show they are non-enterable.

Big Business 14 replaces these with automatic settings that support system settings.

Pictured, Ship To shows as gray on white, which inverts automatically in Dark Mode.

  Sheet Window

Big Business 14 removes Sheet Window which is a Mac-only feature that is unreliable.

Sheet Window was used only with Auto Zoom to display Dialogs within the window.

Sheet Window had problems with resizing and could get stuck performing Copy/Paste.