Built-In Database

Big Business includes built-in Database software, which means:
• no additional purchase
• no additional installation
• no additional setup or configuration
You simply install Big Business and start it.

For one user only, there is one piece of software.

For multiple users, there are two pieces of software:
• Server goes on one computer and manages your Data File
• Client goes on all computer

  Big Business 14

Big Business 14 gets a new icon more in keeping with new standards.

  Dynamic Windows

Big Business 14 will fix Dynamic Windows with misalignments and incorrect colors.

These do not affect workability and may not be fixed until 2023 when there is a Database update.

  Paged Forms

Paged Form are updated in Big Business 13.67 and Big Business 14.24 so they do not cause the displayed problem pictured, which is moving objects off screen, in this case the message and buttons that are suppose to appear on this dialog.

This Solution lists the updated forms in case there problems with any. (7606)

  Chapter 419 Big Business 14

Big Business 14 uses a new Database and is a Universal application that runs natively on new Macs with Apple Silicon and runs natively on Intel processors for Windows.

To start it is identical to Big Business 13 and the two will develop in parallel while Big Business 13 remains the current version and compatible with all systems.

  Big Business 14

Big Business 14 is available starting July 1, 2022. This is six months earlier than planned. However, Apple does surprising things, and it is best to be prepared.

Big Business 13 and Big Business 14 are the same application in different packages. Big Business 13 is current and works on all current computers. Big Business 14 is futuristic for coming Macs and PC's.

  Apple Silicon

Apple is making new Macs with its own processors, referring to the new chips as Apple Silicon.

Big Business 14 runs natively for Apple Silicon.


  Dark Mode

Big Business 14 includes native support for Dark Mode.

Big Business 14.07 is not usable in Dark Mode because of non-native objects that display white or light grey backgrounds to show whether they can be edited.

This will be fixed as soon as possible. (7428)

  Digital Strategy

Big Business delivers your digital strategy by keeping your accounting automated while bringing your web stores, warehouses, and more, into your growing system.

By automating tasks like reordering, or updating inventory, costs, and pricing, Big Business saves you time and money with each step toward realizing your digital aims.

And by adding newer, better hardware, while keeping your experienced

  Forms Tool

Big Business 14 updates the Form Tool used for creating and editing custom forms.