Chapter 222 Shopify Setup

Shopify Editions are updates in Shopify billed as creative, productive, and powerful. New versioning enables changes such as using Access Tokens in Summer '23 Edition.

Big Business 14 adds changes to Shopify Connect options to work with old and new. Upgrade Big Business and your existing Private Apps (old) will continue to work as is. Adding new Custom Apps lets you use new options like Admin API Access Tokens.

This Chapter will provide complete instruction for new setup and existing conversion.

  Shopify Enable

Shopify lets you enable Custom Apps so you can use Big Business Shopify Connect.

In Shopify Admin, go to Settings, App And Sales Channels, and click Develop Apps. Click Allow Custom App Development, read the warning, and click Allow Custom App Delopment, again.

  Shopify Create

Big Business needs you to Create a Custom App to allow Big Business to connect.

In Shopify Admin, go to Settings, App and Sales Channels and click Create An App.

  Shopify Configuration

Big Business needs you to configure your Custom App in Shopify to allow access.

In Shopify Admin, in your Custom App, go to Configuration, Admin API Integration. Scroll to Orders and click write_orders and read_orders will also select. Click Save.

  Shopify Install

Big Business needs you to Install your Custom App you have created and configured.

In Shopify Admin, after saving Configuration, click Install App to enable app access.

  Shopify Credentials

Big Business needs the Admin API Access Token created with you new Custom App.

In Shopify Admin, after you installed your Custom App, you can get API Credentials. For security, you can only Reveal token once. Click to reveal. Copy for safekeeping.

  Shopify Endpoints

Shopify Endpoints are addresses where Big Business Shopify Connect would connect.

These can now include a Version to enable new features in that version. In the picture, the example endpoint uses API/2023-07/ which is current as of this July 2023 writing.
2023/07 Release Notes say it adds a PO Number to Shopify Orders and other changes.

  Shopify Token

In Shopify Admin, you can only view the entire Admin API Access Token one time.

Big Business 14 displays tokens the same way, hidden except for last four characters. Big Business 14 displays old API Keys fully hidden and they continue working as is. If needed create a Custom App, or Uninstall app and install again to create new token.

  Shopify Settings

In Big Business Client, on Company card, Connect Settings tab, is Shopify Settings.

Big Business 14 updates Shopify Settings to show the last four characters of your Access Token for reference and adds a Delete button for removing old connections.

To enter a new connection, enter Description as the name of your Custom App setup, enter Admin URL checking twice, Copy and Paste your Access Token and click Test.

  Shopify Description

Description lets you enter a name on a connection in Shopify Settings for clarification.

When creating your Custom App in Shopify Admin consider the name of the program connecting, bigbusiness14, plus a dash and number, bigbusiness14-2, for 2nd instance.
This helps creating a new connection before deleting an old connection and testing first.

  Shopify Admin URL

Admin URL is a Shopify Endpoint minus the resource, so https:// followed by store-id dot myshopify dot com slash admin slash api slash [version] slash. It should be exact.

After entering Admin URL and Access Token you can click Test to see if it connects. If this says Unable To Connect, re-check the URL that it uses, ends with slash, and so on. Also check the Access Token had matching last four characters.

  Shopify Access Token

Admin API Access Token allows Big Business to connect to your Shopify Admin with the configuration you set up when you created your custom app for access.

Paste the token you copied from your Shopify Admin. You should have this saved someplace safe because it can only be viewed once in Shopify. When pasted into Big Business it appears with the last four characters displayed, only, to confirm if needed.

If the entry displayed in Big Business does not show the last four characters it it may be an older API Key from a prior iteration of Shopify, which may continue to work.

  Shopify Get Orders

Get Orders lets you set which Shopify Orders Big Business finds for processing.

Open tells Big Business to find all orders on Shopify's open orders list. This includes all new orders, paid and unpaid, fulfilled and unfilfilled. Orders that are Archived are not included, so you can use Shopify's Archive and Unarchive controls as needed.

Set Orders then sets Shopify Orders to Archived so they are not processed again. Orders can still be updated for payment and fulfillment within Shopify.

  Shopify Set Orders

Set Orders sets the status of Shopify Orders so Big Business sees them as processed.

Archive tells Shopify to remove the order from the open orders list. Archived can be set independently of payment and fulfillment for maximum flexibility. Archived can also be set automatically or manuall with Shopify to enable the workflow you need.

  Shopify Customers

Import Customers lets you choose an import option you want for Shopify Customers.

Automatic uses a standard mapping to create new customers in Big Business. Disabled turns off this import, for example to use a Default Customer for all Orders. You may also create your own Mapping using the Shopify tool on the System toolbar.

  Shopify Orders

Import Orders lets you choose an import option you want for Shopify Orders.

Automatic uses a standard mapping to create new Orders in Big Business. Disabled turns off this import. You may also create your own Mapping using the Shopify tool on the System toolbar, which includes options for creating Invoices in Big Business.

  Shopify Notifications

Send Notifications lets you choose an Employee to receive Notes from Auto-Connect.

Auto-Connect runs automatically and sends Notes detailing any Alerts or Errors. These Notes appear when the Employee signs into Big Business or Checks For Notes in the interval set in My Prefs.

These Notes show Alerts or Errors that occurred and the data coming from Shopify.

  Shopify Auto-Connect

Auto-Connect sets Big Business to check for new Shopify Orders every few minutes.

Auto-Connect runs on Big Business Server so your data is always up-to-the-minute. By setting Send Notifications you designate an Employee to recieve Notes or errors.