Chapter 40 Authorize Connect

Authorize Connect makes it easy to connect and process credit cards using Authorize.Net, instantly from Big Business. This chapter describes Authorize Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools. (6963)

  Authorize Registering

To use the you must first register the Add-On. (6129)

  Authorize Settings

This Solution describes entries for Settings. (6122)

  Authorize Dialog

This Solution describes the Authorize dialog used in the Add-On. (6126)

  Capture Dialog

This Solution describes the Capture dialog used in the Add-On. (6130)

  Authorize Error

If you mis-type an entry such a CCV Security Code, you may receive an unclear error, such as pictured. Re-check the data entered.

This Solution lists possible errors. (6805)

  Authorize Fixes

The Add-On processes credit cards using the gateway just like a web store. Security Updates on your computer can block or delay processing.

Big Business 11.2 fixes timeout issues on High Sierra.

This Solution provides troubleshooting tips. (6746)