Authorize Settings

This Solution describes entries for Settings. (6122)

After Registering the Add-On, re-open the Company Card and go to the Preferences tab and click the button for Settings include:

• a Description (optional) to identify the account (e.g. "")

• a URL, provided by, that is used for connecting.

• a Login, provided by, that is stored securely.

• a Transaction Key, provided by, that is stored securely.

• Payment Methods (optional) for Amex, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

Choose the Payment Method(s) you want automatically assigned. They might all be the same (e.g. "Credit Card") or they might be different (e.g. "Amex", "Visa/MC") if they result in separate Deposits and having different Payment Methods listed in the Deposit is helpful. The Deposit tool includes a feature to automatically select Receipts by Payment Method.


Authorize Dialog