Real Products

Track real products in real volume.
Big Business is the real deal.

Big Business meets

Real Needs

Big Business is a practical, volume solution for selling real products. You buy in bulk or raw material. You build, repackage, resell. You sell to large customers on terms and need to track balances. You take large orders and need to plan fulfillment. You sell to phone-in, walk-in, or online customers and need immediate availability across all channels. You ship in volume. You warehouse as needed.

Big Business calculates

Real Results

At the end of the day, you need results. You need accounting you can present to your bank, investors, or accounting firm. You need reports that help you focus, measure, and improve your ongoing efforts. Most of all, you need up-to-the-minute data showing what you need to buy, build, and ship tomorrow, as well as availability and product details at your fingertips, when opportunity knocks today.


Big Business supports

Real Computers

Big Business handles all of the above, easily and intuitively, using common sense to fill-in-the-blanks. To start, you need ordinary computers, which you can mail-order or pick up at the electronics retailer. Big Business connects Macs and Windows PC’s together—whatever mix lets you do your best work. Plug and play with Support just a phone call away. Get unlimited setup help during our business hours.

Big Business offers

Real Data

Big Business is a database with a knack for tracking details, offering results in real-time, and forever. Turn on just the features you need, to have five price levels or fifteen, to offer discounts by customer, or by quantity, or by agreement, or by quoted price. Pull up all purchases or last purchases with a click. Enter bills of materials, packaging, and surcharges, to plan orders. Build and ship to fill by ship date.


Big Business handles

Real Growth

Whether you are just starting out, running on one computer, or adding your umpteenth team member, Big Business has you covered to provide flexibility, while you need it, and real power to handle growth. Hire in purchasing, payables, sales and warehouses, and the new processes remain intuitive and easy. Grow a massive product catalog, a terrific volume of orders, and scads of users, and never miss a beat.