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Share Forward is the feature of the Docs tool that lets others view or download your attachments when they convert your Orders to Invoices. This is handy when they have question about the customer's PO and you've been thoughtful enough to attach a copy right there. It also works for you to look back at your Order and see any attachments to the Invoice(s) such as shipping docs.

This Solution provides additional details. (6876)

To use the Docs tool for attachments, you can select "Documents" or "Documents and Notes" in Docs Prefs found in My Prefs, User Settings tab. To share, others will need this setting, so ask your system administrator to change this setting for everyone in the Company card, Company Prefs tab.

Once Docs is turned on you will see a Docs button--next to Cancel, New, OK--on the toolbar for each transaction. Click the button to add an attachment, screen shot, alert, note, etc..

If you add attachments or notes to an Order they will appear on the Invoice(s) for that Order. Share Forward also works back to the Order from the Invoice, that later attachments to the Invoice can be seen from the Order.

To view an attachment or note, double-click. For attachments, you can also single-click and choose Edit to download a copy.


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