Qty Pricing Import

Big Business 8.5.1 adds an Import for Item Pricing, for adding quantity price breaks or discounts, and the options to Export and Delete existing entries.

This solution describes using this feature. (6279)

To Import Item Pricing:
1. Go to the Maintenance toolbar to the Import tool
2. Open a Tab-Text file to import
3. Select Item Pricing (at the bottom of Import list)
4. Map the import fields (highlight and click Insert)
5. Click OK to Import

To create a Tab-Text file to import:
1. Create a new spreadsheet
2. Add columns for Item Code, Qty, and Prices
3. Save As... Tab-Text

To Export Item Pricing:
1. Go to Item Search and find Items
2. Hold Shift and Option/Alt keys
3. Click Export

To Delete Item Pricing:
1. Go to Item Search and find Items
2. Click Apply
3. Choose Item Pricing in the first pulldown and Delete will appear in the middle
4. Click OK to proceed
5. Choose Apply Changes in the confimation dialog

To use Qty Pricing, you must select Use Qty Pricing in the Item Prefs.


Use Qty Pricing

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