Sonoma Tabs

MacOS Sonoma updates Tabs which now do not display correctly in Big Business 14. As pictured, the Name of the tab (Customer) appears blank when that Tab is selected.

Big Business 14 will be updated to fix this problem several weeks after macOS Sonoma is released, perhaps, and may entail updating Big Business 14 Server and Clients, too.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.61 which requires updating Big Business Clients along with Big Business Server.

  Wix Tool

Wix Tool appeared as a tool on the Connect toolbar with no icon. Wix did not present a Public API and while a custom connection would be possible, turnkey is not inviting.

Wix Tool has been removed until needed.

  Icons Optimized

Icons are optimized for Big Business 14.61. 2023 Icons are installed in Big Business Client

  Sonoma Update

Big Business 14.61 updates its built-in Database to be compatible with macOS Sonoma, which will be available September 26, 2023. Please update Big Business Clients, too.