Component Selection

Big Business 14.59 fixes the Bill Of Materials Component window for single-clicking.

In the picture, one click highlights the row and a second click, after a pause, is needed to select the contents to edit. This is fixed so that a single-clicks selects the contents.

  Show Boxes

Show Boxes displays a column for Box in the Bill Of Materials Components window.

On an Item, you click the BOM tool to open the Component list and add components. The Components window shows Items and Qty's needed to Build or Bundle this item.

Box is an additional column for you to create packaging options to help with assembly. Click Show Boxes in Item Prefs and when you click the BOM tool it will Show Boxes.

  Chapter 205 BOM Components

Bill of Materials (BOM) functions start with Components for Build and Bundle items.

Big Business supports multi-level indented BOM's by managing Components for each. A bike has two wheels. A wheel has twelve spokes. To build a bike, takes 24 spokes. Before you start, you need to know how many bikes and wheels and spokes you have.

This chapter lists options for having Big Business 14 compute what you need to buy or build and when to complete your orders and planned builds in total or by ship date.

  Shopify Payment Method

Payment Method in Shopify Settings lets you group Payments created from incoming Shopify Orders so they are easy to see, sort, and select as a group in the Deposit tool.

Big Business users who enable Shopify Connect have usually been entering manually and already have a Payment Method associated with Shopify for this purpose, so it is simply a matter of selecting in the Shopify Settings to have automated entries match.

Note that mapping to Payment Method in your Shopify Mapping will overwrite this.

  Import Payment Method

Big Business 14 adds Payment Method to the Invoice Line Item Import field listing.

Payment Method only applies if Paid is also mapped, and a Payment record is created.

The imported Payment Method must match an entry on your list. If not, a Default is used, such as Default Payment Method in Customer Prefs or in a tool like Ecommerce.

  Import Payment Reference #

Big Business 14 adds Payment Reference # to the Invoice Line Item Import field map.

Payment Reference # is only used if Paid is also mapped, to create a Payment record.

Mapping an entry such as the Order # coming from another system may help Deposit.

  Import Payment Comments

Big Business 14 adds Payment Comments to the Invoice Line Item Import field listing.

Payment Comments are only added if Paid is also mapped, to create a Payment record.

Shopify API docs show orders/financial_status is Payment Status listed in Dashboard. Importing Shopify Orders as Invoices lets you map Paid and Payment Comments, too.

  Bill of Materials

Big Business 14 renames the Build/Bundle Component tool on the Item card to BOM.

BOM stands for Bill of Materials which often means the complete list of components. The BOM tool for entering Build or Bundle Components on the Item card is one level. Options to Allocate or Auto-Build work across multiple levels based on your settings.