Qty Pricing Tab

Big Business 14 updates the Qty Pricing Tab on the Item Card to improve useability.

Qty Pricing is separated from Item Pricing for clarity. As pictured, you see your price breaks for Qty's (10, 100, 200) sorted in ascending order. Click Add (+) for a new blank row and it goes on top (highlighted).

Qty Pricing is one of many optional tabs for items along with Item MRP, Price Levels, BigCommerce, and Shopify, pictured. Each is turned on separately so there are only three tabs to start. Go to Item Prefs,... (more)

  Qty Pricing Import

Big Business 14 renames the Qty Pricing Import (was Item Pricing) to improve clarity.

Qty Pricing is a complete feature set, turned on in Item Prefs, that lets you offer price breaks on quantities purchased. The import speeds the process of adding Qty Pricing.

Use the Update in the Items Search to delete old Qty Pricing before importing new. Use imports for items to change regular prices or assign Qty Group for mix & match.

  Sign In, Dark

Big Business 14.55 fixes the Sign In to be legible in Dark Mode.

  Shopify Discount

Product Discounts in Shopify let you create discounts for specific items. Options include using codes, for specific customers like B2B, and with purchase of other items.

Item Ext Discount has been added in import fields for invoices to receive this discount. This recieves a total discount for the line item used to reverse calculate the item price.

Please contact support@bigbusiness.com if you need this field elsewhere or any help.

  Qty Pricing Options

Big Business includes several options for selling different Quantities at different prices.

There is a optional feature (for a paving stone distributor) that lets you key in one unit (square feet) on one row and converts to other units (pallets and eaches) on split rows. This works with Qty Pricing to automatically set bulk price (pallet) on bulk rows.

There is another feature (for beverage distributor) for splitting one item (drink cases) into other items (individual drinks) automatically, so the invent... (more)