Warehouse Qty's

The Warehouse Quantities Search includes quantity values from Warehouse Quantities, as described below.

This feature is part of the Warehouses Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business Server that tracks inventory at multiple Warehouses. (6128)

Big Business 13.65 and 14.22 fix the Show button and add new Warehouse Counts for the MRP Add-On.

Big Business 10.15 updates Warehouse Qtys

  Listbox Listings

Big Business 13.42 updates Listings to use Listboxes, including Account Listing, Advanced Print Options, Auto Update Listing, Bank Listing, Bin Listing, Category Listing, Currencies Listing, Customer Terms Listing, Ecwid Listing, Employee Listing, Folder Listing, From Listing, Inventory Categories, Item Type Listing, Open Notify Listing, Other Charges Listing, Payables Categories, Print Options, R

  Advanced Listboxes

Advanced Listboxes is a toggle on the Company card to test new Listbox forms, like:
About Big Business, Bank Reconciliation, Bank Deposit, Beginning Balances, Contact Card, Customer Card, Customer Prefs, Finance Charges, Item Card, Item Prefs, Master Tags, Memorized, Other Addresses, Reports, Select Accounts, Select Checks, Select Methods, Select Payments, Select Refunds, Select Warehouses, Vendor

  Sales Tax Groups Error

Sales Tax Groups creates a hierarchical menu for Sales Taxes.

This feature does not work in Big Business 14 and get the following error when opening a Customer card, Quote, Order, or Invoice.

This will be fixed asap. If you turn Off the Sales Tax Groups checkbox in Customer Prefs the error is avoided but this list of Sales Taxes is no longer hierarchical.

  Windows 11 Install

Here's a quick video, installing Big Business Client 13 on Windows 11.



Stocked is a Warehouse Count that indicates how many you should find on the shelf. It is part of the MRP Add-On and differs from Whse Qty On Hand by Shipped count.

To display, open the Warehouse Quantities search, click Add (+) and select Stocked. Initially the columns for Stocked, Released, Picked, and Shipped will have no value.

  Warehouse Counts

Warehouse Counts track stock in your warehouse, so you know what you have where. With the MRP Add-On, they show you what you have on the shelf, in process, or already shipped but not yet invoiced, so you know you'll know what to find, where.

For example, shipping an order can automatically update Shipped Qtys on the order, which update Shipped counts for your warehouse, which show what's left a

  Order Qtys

Order Qtys are being added to help track partial or short shipments as they happen.

After invoicing a partial shipment, the Open Qtys on the order are updated and you can see what's left to deliver. But, what if you want to set partial amounts to ship?

For example, Backordered for order line items lets you set partial qtys to remain open.