MRP Access

MRP Access lets you enable the functions of the MRP Add-On to fit your workflow.

Show Allocated - adds Allocated in the Show menu, to show all allocations for an item
Show Allocated for Warehouse - adds to show allocations for an item for a warehouse
Mark Released - adds Released to Mark menu, to set orders to be released for shipping

  MRP Counts

MRP Counts show Pegged or Released Qty's as they affect what's available otherwise.

MRP Settings let you rename Released

  Item MRP

Item MRP is a new Tab on Item card to show counts for Materials Resource Planning.

MRP is an Add-On that helps with planning to buy, build, and ship, most effectively.

Big Business calculates your schedule and quantities for each order or action you enter.

  Edit Cost

Edit Cost is an option to change the Cost on a Line Item on a Sales Order for reference.

Edit Cost is being updated so that it does not change the Price.

  Shopify Invoices

Shopify Connect allows Big Business to bring in Customers and Orders from Shopify. Automatic settings create, or update, Customer cards and Sales Orders in Big Business.

Shopify Invoices is the option to create Invoices in Big Business from Shopify Orders.

In the Shopify tool in Big Business, choose the template, Import Orders As Invoices. Edit this Mapping and click Save As and give it a name