Chapter 312 Line Prefs

Big Business provides options for showing Line Numbers on screen for reference.

When this option is turned on, you can click on the Number to see options such as:
• Add Row Above
• Add Row Below
• Move To Row 1

  Chapter 43 Folder Connect

Folder Connect is an add-on to automatically connect to remote folders and check for new files to import. After importing, it can export and send files to another folder.

If you use a service that lets you download files to import, Folder Connect can automate this process. It only takes a phone call to walk through the needed settings, test your desired setup, and go live with auto-connect.


  Chapter 98 My Prefs

My Prefs let you change the look of your Big Business Client and set your preferences for searching, sorting, printing, emailing, and more.

  Chapter 404 Not Found

Not Found refers to features no longer found in Big Business. For continuity, we don't usually delete Solutions and instead keep for reference. Plus, we like the old pictures.

Features in this Chapter are not found in Big Business any longer.

  Chapter 9 Accounting

Big Business simplifies your accounting by letting you choose Categories as defaults to be used automatically for your Customers, Items, Vendors, Banking, or Stores.

For example, you can have Sales Income for products you sell and Service Income for your services. Or, have Retail Income or Wholesale Income, determined by customer.

You must have defaults, to start, and you can simply use these a

  Chapter 311 Gmail

This chapter provides a few tips for configuring Gmail though Google Workspace. This is the business service Google offers for managing your company's email using your own domain and giving your administrator control over users' ability to turn on options such as 2-Step Verification, which is needed to enable App Passwords.

  Chapter 46 Kits

Kits show component items that go into built items.

  Chapter 304 Landed Cost

Big Business 13 adds several options for using Landed Cost to evaluate profitability on Quotes, Orders, and Invoices, and more.

This Chapter collects a few of these new settings and options.

  Chapter 115 Forms II

This chapter continues documentation of the Custom Forms tool built into all versions of Big Business. Big Business 13 adds significant changes, such as automatic saving when you close the window. The goal is a seamless experience, and the new form tool works with existing forms but may change the way you work, such as using Zoom to enlarge contents.

  Chapter 307 Unlock

Unlock options give an employee special access to locked or protected entries. As such, it is recommended you only assign it to a Super User that you can switch to when the need arises. If you use Unlock options with your regular Employee card you will not be able to see which entries should be locked and may make a costly mistake.

Please Unlock responsibly. (7293)

  Chapter 306 Receivables

Accounts Receivable is a key function of Big Business. There are options to set Terms, issue Statements, and generate Reports to manage and reconcile Receivables.

This chapter provides a fresh introduction starting with the newest A/R Reports.

  Chapter 305 Refunds

Big Business keeps past functions and adds new so you may choose when to adopt new options. This chapter covers techniques and tools for giving a customer a refund.

You can create an Invoice with a negative Qty for a merchandise return. And you can create a negative Payment for credit card refund to include in your next Deposit.

Or you can use the Refund tool, which is a Check Run tool for aut

  Chapter 303 Open Notify

Open Notify is a new toolset to generate automatic notifications that make changes, alert users, and post notifications.

This chapter documents changes and additions as they are made.

  Chapter 96 Locking

Locking is a hugely important feature. As you might know from cloud file sharing, the option to save changes to multiple copies of the "same" document is a disaster, often forcing someone to choose the "real" one to keep and losing data from the others.,

Big Business locks records whenever there might be a conflict:
• someone else is changing the record? it is locked so you cannot make change

  Shopify II

This chapter describes new, advanced features for connecting to Shopify from Big Business.

One such feature is having Big Business connect to more than one Shopify store. For this, Shopify Connect settings now include a Listing name to keep them straight.

  New Contents

New Contents is a new button on the Help page, (linked below).

It lists new Chapters by finding their title pages. From there, you can click the Chapter button (grey) to see chapter contents, or click the Next button (green) to go the next page.

This Solution provides is a quick list of reasons new Chapters are being added. (7252)

  Chapter 154 WooCommerce II

This chapter describes new, advanced features for connecting to WooCommerce from Big Business.

One such feature is having Big Business connect to more than one WooCommerce enabled site. For this, WooCommerce Connect settings now include a Listing name to keep them straight.

  Chapter 141 Zip-Tax Connect

This chapter describes Zip-Tax Connect tools and features. (7236)

  Chapter 95 Apple Optimize

Big Business is getting numerous internal changes to be optimized for new Apple processors found in new Macs.

Apple now makes their own chips, called Apple Silicon, that have replaced Intel chips found in prior Macs, offering performance and energy benefits.

The same ARM architecture will likely be available for Windows soon, too.

  Chapter 69 Cloud Server

Big Business Enterprise supports the option to put the Server in the cloud.

This chapter describes setup and optimizations.

  Chapter 52 Currencies

This feature is part of the Multi-Currency Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

This Solution provides an introduction to the Multi-Currency Add On. (5931)