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Update Items Import

The Update Items Import provides a convenient means to:

• update prices--from a spreadsheet, emailed pricelist, etc.
• create new price levels--using values calculated in Excel, etc.
• update descriptions including Detail Description and Custom Fields
• import a new Item Code for part number changes


Build/Bundle Line Items Import

Big Business includes sales and manufacturing features for creating Builds and Bundles. Built Items are inventoried items assembled from inventoried items. Bundled Items are non-inventoried kits that exist only to provide the bundling or kitting function of selling a group of items at once. Both are defined using the Build/Bundle tool found on the Item Card, and can now be defined using the Bui

Price Labels No Price

The option for Price Labels No Price has been added to Print Options for:
• Bill
• Bill Search
• Item
• Item Search

This Solution provides details. (6547)

Add To Labels

Add To Labels lets you choose a field to include on Price Labels.

This Solution provides details. (6548)

Bundle Price

Bundle Price is a custom, calculated Column for Items Search.

This Solution describes using this option. (6751)

Understanding ETAs

Big Business tracks several ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for anticipating Vendor deliveries and setting customer expectations or scheduling fulfillment.


Add Order At Least

Add Order At Least combines Order At Least and When Below to determine a Target Quantity when using the feature to Auto-Complete a Purchase Order. (6194)

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