Chapter 69 Cloud Server

Big Business Enterprise supports the option to put the Server in the cloud.

This chapter describes setup and optimizations.

  Cloud Server

Cloud Server optimization refers to changes in Big Business Server for:
• running remotely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or similar
• running remotely on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or similar
• running remotely on a Dedicated Server
• running locally on VMware or similar
• running locally on a shared server computer

Cloud Server optimizations benefit most setups where resources ar

  Cloud Optimized

Cloud Optimized describes changes in Big Business Server for better performance on shared hardware and remote connections. If you put Server on Amazon, Azure, or another VPS or remote solution, reports and other operations can be slow. Cloud Optimized reports use modern, in-memory processing.

This Solution provides additional details. (6895)

  AWS Setup

Big Business Server is easy to deploy on Amazon Web Services. You can do proof-of-concept on a free trial (t2.micro with 1gb) or go straight to a usable amount of memory (t2.large with 8gb or better). You must allow access to aws (security group) and to windows (advanced firewall) for Ports 19812 - 19814 before you can connect remotely.

This Solution provides details. (6779)

  Microsoft Azure

Big Business Server is a snap to deploy on Microsoft Azure. It takes only a few minutes to create a Virtual Machine with Windows Server and install Big Business Server. The trick is to set up the Networking and then put the Public IP into Big Business Clients you are connecting.

This Solution provides brief instructions. (6921)