Sales Taxes

Lookup Sales Taxes automatically and instantly. Save results for later reporting.

Multiple States

Many states now require that you collect Sales Taxes if you are selling enough.
You can report in Big Business by State to see if you hit these thresholds.
Then, if needed, get TaxJar Professional to look up Sales Taxes instantly.

Street Smart

Big Business sends the Street Address, and TaxJar responds with Sales Taxes.
This is automatic for where you need to report and if they are Destination Based.
Big Business updates your transaction and saves results for later reporting.

Multiple Districts

Results include the City, County, and Special Districts for reporting.
You can also set a Customer as Exempt when needed.
Sales Taxes are instantly added to the Quote, Order, or Invoice you are saving.

Tax Reports

Built-in Reports give you results by State, by City, County, and Special District.
Use these reports to file for the states where you need to report.
Get more automation customized, if ever needed.