Entering Financial Information

Entering Financial Information (6414)

Clicking the Customer History tab in a Customer Card allows you to enter and view the credit limit, terms, price levels, and financial categories that apply to the customer's transactions with your business.

Default values for these items are set in the Customer Preferences window. If one or more of the defaults isn't appropriate for the customer, you can change it in the Customer Card. You can also change some values for individual transactions when you create invoices and quotes.

• The Credit Limit field sets a limit on the unpaid balance from this customer. Big Business can prevent you from entering a transaction that causes the credit limit to be exceeded.
• The Terms field determines how long a customer has to pay an invoice, if there will be a discount for payment, and if finance charges will be assessed for late payment. See "Setting Customer Terms" later in this section for more information about customer terms.
• The Price Level determines which price level applies to the customer. You decide on actual prices in the appropriate Item Card.
• The Shipping Method specifies how a customer order will be sent.
See "To Enter Financial Information" later in this section for more information about customer financial information.