Viewing the Customer History

Viewing the Customer History (6419)

You can keep track of a customer's transactions with your business by clicking the Customer History tab in the Customer Card. The History list displays all of the customer's transactions, as well as the current balance. Double-clicking on a transaction in the list (or clicking the button) opens the appropriate record.

The list displays a number of different items of information about each transaction:
• The date and transaction type (invoice or payment).
• The transaction number. This can be an invoice number or a payment reference number such as a credit card authorization or check number.
• The age of the invoice. This is the number of days since an invoice with an unpaid balance was generated.
• The sales amount of each transaction.
• The open amount for each transaction. For invoices, this is the unpaid balance due. For payments, an open amount means that a payment has not been fully applied to invoices.