Entering Additional Contacts

Entering Additional Contacts (6413)

In addition to information about your primary customer contact, you can include information about additional contacts. Additional contacts appear in a list in the card. A Contact Card is also created for each additional contact. (See "Working with Contact Cards" in Chapter 8 for more information about Contact Cards.)

You add additional contacts by clicking the Add (+) button in the Additional Contacts list. A dialog box appears, where you can fill in information about the contact. Much of the information (company name, address, and so on) is filled in automatically, but you can change it.

To edit an existing contact, select it in the list, click the Edit button, and make changes in the dialog box. To delete a contact, select it and click the Delete (-) button.

To add an additional contact:
1. Click the button in the Additional Contacts list.
2. Enter a contact name.
3. Enter or change other information as necessary.
4. Click the OK button to add the contact and create a Contact Card.


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