Customer Toolbar

Customers (6409)

You use the features in the Customer toolbar to keep track of who your customers are,
what you sell them, and what they pay you.

• Click the Customer Card tool to enter and view customer information, including address and financial data. See "Working with Customer Information."
• Click the Customer Card, Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, and Receive Money QuickSearch tools to find information you need. See "Searching" in Chapter 2.
• Click the Quote tool to create sales proposals. See "Working with Quotes."
• Click the Sales Order tool to create customer orders. See "Working with Sales Orders."
• Click the Invoice tool to record sales. See "Working with Invoices."
• Click the Miscellaneous Sales tool to generate invoices without line item details. See "Entering a Miscellaneous Sale."
• Click the Finance Charges tool to assess finance charges against customers with past due invoices. See "Assessing Finance Charges."
• Click the Receive Money tool to enter payments that you receive and apply them to invoices. See "Receiving Money."
• Click the Customer Preferences tool to set defaults and options. See "Setting Customer Preferences."