Mac Install (New)

To install, download and open the Disk Image, then drag the program to Applications.

  Disk Images

Disk Images help you install on your Mac using drag-and-drop, which is fast and easy.

If you are installing an Update, you might need to add to Dock, also by drag-and-drop.
Big Business Server 14 will automatically select your Data File and update the Clients.

Download a Disk Image (DMG) and double-click to open. Then, drag the Big Business 14 icon and drop it on the Applications folder icon in the disk image window to install.

  iMac Install (Old)

Here's a quick video, installing Big Business Client 13 on new iMac.


  Not Notarized (Old)

Big Business 13 was not Notarized and needed to be installed using Open Anyway.

Big Business 14 is being updated and uses Disk Images for easy drag-and-drop install.