Chapter 99 Online Help

Online Help helps you find out how Big Business does work, or could work, and why.

On many screens an information button (i) takes you to the online help entry, for help. There you should find descriptions, details, picture, and links to Chapter or Next Page.

This is page 2338 and will serve as an example of new Chapters being added to clarify. This is paragraph 3. There is the picture. This chapter is safely below 10-page target.

  Online Help

The web site got a new framework for 2022. Function and layout are largely the same. Brash, brisk, and brief are the new guidelines. Some icons have been changed to protect their innocence. The purpose of the web site is to host online help.

The hope is that you click around and find some Solutions, Chapters, or Contents, and find something new that you can adopt, adapt, and iterate on.

The content of Big Business changes frequently, but the program stays the same. Changes are often additions, an option you turn on to do things differently, or not. So it is always perfectly safe to ignore the changes and keep doing what you're doing.

  Reports Help

Help is a new column on the Reports list, making it easier to find help. Just click the number of the help document, like (1234), and it will open the current entry from in your browser.

  Solutions Buttons

Solutions is our online database that lists most options for Big Business.

When you see a list (pictured) there are several buttons you can use to navigate:
• Thumbnail (white) is a button with a graphic that you can click to show detail
• Title (blue) is a button that you can click to show detail
• Next (green) is a button that you can click to go to the next detail entry
• Chapter (grey) is a button that you can click for a list of entries in the same chapter

At any time you can click Help or other entries in the toolbar to start a new search.