Chapter 54 WooCommerce Connect

This chapter describes WooCommerce Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools. (7058)

  WooCommerce Connect

WooCommerce Connect automatically connects Big Business to your WooCommerce store. Fully automatic and fully customizable, WooCommerce Connect lets you get new customers and orders as they come in, or in batches when you are ready to process.

This Solution provides a quick overview. (6807)

  WooCommerce Registering

This Solution describes Registering WooCommerce Connect. (7059)

  WooCommerce Setup

To connect Big Business to WooCommerce you need to log into your Wordpress Dashboard to create a Key for the REST API.

• set Read/Write access
• copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into Big Business

This Solution tells you how to generate an API Key. (7060)

  WooCommerce Settings

To connect Big Business needs an API Key from WooCommerce. These are generated in the WooCommerce Setup described previously and copied into WooCommerce Settings in Big Business.

This Solution tells you how to enter credentials from WooCommerce into Big Business. (7061)

  WooCommerce Status

WooCommerce Connect finds Orders to import by using their Status. "Get Orders With Status" should be set to "Processing". "Set Orders to Status" should be set to "Completed".

WooCommerce Statuses include:
Pending - order received but unpaid
Processing - order is awaiting fulfillment
Completed - order is fulfilled

  WooCommerce Imports

WooCommerce Connect uses import mappings to bring in data from WooCommerce. To start, choose Automatic for both Import Customers and Import Orders. Then if you need additional information, create your own mappings. (7067)

  WooCommerce Store

WooCommere Connect can automatically assign a Store to new Orders being imported.

Stores is an option for Big Business to help manage sales by store--including your different locations, brands, or e-commerce sites. Stores replace Channels, adding features and ease of use like automatic accounting, cash drawers, and more

This Solution tells you how to enter credentials from WooCommerce into Big Business. (7061)

  WooCommerce Error

WooCommerce Connect will respond with an Error if there are any problems with a request. If you turn on Auto-Connect you will receive any errors in a Note.

Big Business requires that you map IDs (error pictured).

This Solution provides details. (7062)

  WooCommerce Auto-Connect

WooCommerce Connect can run automatically to check for new orders. Select someone to Send Notifications To and click the Auto-Connect checkbox, once you have tested your other settings. (7068)

  WooCommerce Update

Big Business 14 updates WooCommerce Connect to add Delete and Advanced control.