When Duplicating

Big Business includes When Duplicating settings to give you more control over how your team creates new entries. Duplicate is a fabulous time saver, but can lead to errors where duplicated entries have old data. When Duplicating lets you control what happens when entries are duplicated.

This Solution describes these options. (6724)

  Forms Units

This Solution provides quick step-by-step instructions for creating a new Form that displays Units of Measure.

  Client Timeout

Big Business uses new networking that supports Sleep. Your computer can Sleep and when it wakes your Big Business Client can instantly reconnect.

This only works if your secure connection has not been reset by events such as switching networks by moving your laptop or restarting Big Business Server.

If your secure connection is reset you should wait for one minute while Big Business Client time

  HubSpot Connect

HubSpot Connect offers a custom connection for Big Business and HubSpot CRM. Fully automatic and fully customizable, HubSpot Connect will let you customize your workflow and automatically coordinate data, reducing duplication of effort or errors.

This Solution will provide an overview. (7399)

  Chapter 313 HubSpot

This chapter describes HubSpot Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools and Connect toolbar and tools. (7400)

  HubSpot Registering

This Solution describes Registering HubSpot Connect. (7401)

  HubSpot Setup

To connect Big Business to HubSpot you need to log into your Hubspot Dashboard to create an API Key.

This Solution tells you how to generate an API Key. (7402)

  Interactive Allocate

Interactive Allocate gives you a snapshot of your fulfillment schedule based on criteria you choose such as when to buy, build, expedite, or transfer from another warehouse.
(7403, MRP)

  Field Colors

Big Business 13.38 updates Field Colors to Apple Optimize.
(7404, Dark Mode)