Secure Server

Big Business encrypts all Client connections.

Secure Server is now seamless and set by default.

This Solution describes this option. (7030)

  Client Timeout

Big Business uses new networking that supports Sleep. Your computer can Sleep and when it wakes your Big Business Client can instantly reconnect.

This only works if your secure connection has not been reset by events such as switching networks by moving your laptop or restarting Big Business Server.

If your secure connection is reset you should wait for one minute while Big Business Client time

  Chapter 19 Networking

Big Business includes powerful networking options to simplify setup, connect locally or connect remotely, host on premises or host in the cloud, and much more.

Big Business Support includes unlimited setup help, achitecting your accounting or your networking. You may still need professional help (7012)

  Instant On

Instant On is a new feature in Big Business. New Networking allows Big Business Client to Sleep. Shut your laptop or allow your computer to sleep and when it wakes on the same network, Big Business Client will resume working right where you left off.

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  New Networking

Big Business includes New Networking to support:
• 64-bit Clients
• Sleeping Clients
• Secure Server

Big Business 12.12 updates New Networking. Please update Server AND Clients to use these features. Get Info or check Properties on Clients or email for help.

This Solution provides details. (7015)

  Connecting a Remote Client

Big Business users ask regularly for a solution allowing them remote connectivity for a Client to Big Business Server. This Solution provides recommendations (3479)

  New Networking

Big Business 11 offers New Networking to support new features like:
• 64-bit Server
• Sleeping Clients

Big Business 11.4 updates settings to optimize performance.

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  Optimized Client

With your help, we have tried several iterations of optimized Clients. This revealed issues with operating systems, plugins, networking, and ultimately a path forward. The solution is a wholesale change in Big Business 12, which is 100% 64-bit. Hopefully this is not too disruptive, other than being so fast you can't wait.

This Solution provides details (6778).

  Custom Sleep

New Networking allows Big Business Clients to Sleep. For days. Custom Sleep lets you set how soon, in minutes, you want Sleeping Clients disconnected.

This Solution provides details for using this feature.
(6786, 31213, timeout)

  All Current

Big Business aims to support all current versions of Windows and macOS, all the time. We understand that you need current operating systems, to support secure browsers for banking or cloud services, your favorite email and messaging tools, and much more. We also know you don't need new computers too often, so you keep older operating systems working for you, too. We support this by leap-froggi

  Legacy Networking

Legacy Networking suppresses new features like:
• Sleeping Clients

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  Connecting to Remote Server

When you launch Big Business Client it displays any locally available Big Business Server on the Available tab. To connect to a remote Server enter a Name and IP Address on the Custom tab.

This Solution provides instructions for connecting to Big Business Server from a remote Client. (5528)