Chapter 313 HubSpot

This chapter describes HubSpot Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools and Connect toolbar and tools. (7400)

  HubSpot Connect

HubSpot Connect offers a custom connection for Big Business and HubSpot CRM. Fully automatic and fully customizable, HubSpot Connect will let you customize your workflow and automatically coordinate data, reducing duplication of effort or errors.

This Solution will provide an overview. (7399)

  HubSpot Registering

This Solution describes Registering HubSpot Connect. (7401)

  HubSpot Setup

To connect Big Business to HubSpot you need to log into your Hubspot Dashboard to create an API Key.

This Solution tells you how to generate an API Key. (7402)

  HubSpot Settings

To connect Big Business needs an API Key from WooCommerce. These are generated in the WooCommerce Setup described previously and copied into WooCommerce Settings in Big Business.

This Solution tells you how to enter credentials from WooCommerce into Big Business. (7061)