Forms Units

This Solution provides quick step-by-step instructions for creating a new Form that displays Units of Measure.

Go to Forms, select the form you want to edit, and click OK.

Go to the small File menu and choose Save As (My Quote with Units).

Double-click a Field like Qty and change to UoM Qty (Unit of Measure Qty).

To create a new Field it is easiest to click on an existing Field and Duplicate (Ctrl-D, or Edit, Duplicate). This keeps the font and sizing the same.

If you duplicate Qty and want it to be Units (UoM Abbrev.), you must erase the Format (##,###,###.00 -> [blank]). You could Duplicate the Comment and resize (see below).

To move a Field type an Arrow Key, or Shift-Arrow-Key to move 10 spaces. To resize a Field type Ctrl-Arrow-Key where ctrl-right/down makes it longer and ctrl-up/left makes it shorter.

To test, Save the form and go to the place it's used (eg Quote tool) to print.

To Save, close the window and say YES to save changes. This will save all edits to your new form (MyQuote-UoM).


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