TeamViewer QuickSupport

Big Business has QuickSupport built-in. QuickSupport enables remote support. Just turn it On and provide us the ID and we can connect to help with any problems.

On the Mac, go to the Big Business menu, choose About Big Business, and click QuickSupport.

On Windows, go to the Help menu, choose About Big Business, and click QuickSupport.


Chapter 80 Webmail

Big Business includes advanced features for emailing, such as:
• emailing with a service, like Gmail

Mark Closed

Closed finalizes an order, cancelling any open items, and locking it to prevent changes.

Big Business 13 adds a new Closed option in the Mark menu on Orders. This lets you change a batch of orders at once. Shift-click to select a range and click Mark, Closed.

Mark Unclosed

Orders can be un-closed using Mark, UnClosed. If a Placed, Partial, or Filled order was previously Closed. it will return to being Placed, Partial, or Filled.

Unclosed requires permission to edit locked records as described below. (7201)

Don't Get/Set/Use

Big Business 13 adds a setting for BigCommerce to ignore Orders but continue to automatically process inventory updates.

Chapter 81 Mark

Mark is a new tool that adds power and convenience for updating records:

• update locked records, such as paid invoices
• select records to update with ctrl-click, command-click, shift-click, select-all
• click Mark button to show the menu of choices, like Sent, Closed, etc.