Chapter 81 Mark

Mark is a new tool that adds power and convenience for updating records:

• update locked records, such as paid invoices
• select records to update with ctrl-click, command-click, shift-click, or select-all using ctrl-a or command-a
• click Mark button to show the menu of choices, like Sent, Closed, etc.

  Mark Invoices

Mark lets you mark invoices as Sent, quickly. Command-click or Shift-click to select Invoices you want to change. Then click Mark and select Sent.

This Solution will provide details. (7027)

  Unlock Unmark

Mark lets you mark invoices as Sent. The option to mark them as Unsent is hidden. To use Unsent, turn on Unlock Unmark in your Employee card, Access tab.

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  Mark Deposit

Mark lets you mark items for Deposit using a Cash Drawer. To use this feature you must be using Stores.

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  Mark Shipped

Mark Shipped lets you enter Tracking, which is normally entered by your connection to UPS or FedEx. It sets Shipping Status to "Shipped" and sets Tracking to the entry provided. This information is used for Notify features, which automatically send these entries to your customer.

Turn on Mark Shipped on the Access II tab of an Employee card or use Update on the Employees Search to set many at o

  Mark Closed

Closed finalizes an order, cancelling any open items, and locking it to prevent changes.

Big Business 13 adds a new Closed option in the Mark menu on Orders. This lets you change a batch of orders at once. Shift-click to select a range and click Mark, Closed.

  Mark Unclosed

Orders can be un-closed using Mark Unclosed. If an order was is Closed, it will return to being Placed, Partial, or Filled. Open Qtys will be restored and Allocations set.

First you must give an employee access to the Unmark options, which include:
• Unclosed for Orders
• Unsent for Invoices
• Order Type for Orders and Invoices


  Mark Fixes

Mark is an advancing tool and prone to regression bugs, where a new change breaks an existing feature. Mark appears on the Deposit tool to automatically select items for Cash Drawer to simplify separating multiple drawers. The error pictured occurs when you click on Mark on the Deposit and do not have a Cash Drawer.

This error is fixed for Big Business 13.48 and 14.11.