Emailing with Gmail

You can use Big Business Mail to send emails directly, without using a desktop email client like Microsoft Outlook or macOS Mail.

This Solution provides setup details for Gmail. (6709)

Here are the steps to set up Gmail:

1. Go to the Employee toolbar to MyPrefs

2. For Print Options choose Advanced

3. For Email Client choose Big Business Mail

4. Click OK to save MyPrefs

Then in Print Options for a transaction (Quote, Order, Invoice):

1. Click to select a form, to put a 1 in the # (number of copies) column.

2. In the Destination column choose Send Email

3. Make sure Show Print Dialogs is NOT checked

4. Click OK

This will open a new Note, where you can do Gmail setup:

1. Go to Send From and choose Show List

2. Click Add (+) to add Gmail

3. Enter Name (gmail), Server (, Port (465), SSL (checked), Send From (, User Name (, and Password, where name and password are those you use to logon to Gmail.

4. Click OK and OK to save settings for re-use

5. Click SEND on the Note to send via Gmail.

You may get an Authorization error. Check your email for instructions or sign into Gmail, go to Security (or search for) and set Allow Access for Less-Secure Apps:


Gmail Authentication

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