BigCommerce II Product Pricing

BigCommerce II Update Product Pricing enables real-time updates to pricing on your web store from Big Business. Choose a Price Level, like Retail, and any time an Item changes your web store will be updated if the Item is linked.

To link items, choose Link-Only for Update Product and use Upload in the Items Search to link items whose SKU matches Item Code. Add (+) a Column in Items Search to show BigCommerce ID and see which items are linked.

  BigCommerce Digital Products

BigCommerce has you define Products as Digital or Phyical, so if you sell electronics with optional controller software you may be tempted to call your software, Digital.

Digital actually means downloadable from your BigCommerce online store, and Physical means provided by you and therefore needing to be on Orders you receive.

In short, if you use Digital you may not receive some orders into Big Business. Orders for Digital only are set to Completed in BigCommerce, so they are not retrieved by Big Business which is looking for order status Awaiting Fulfillme... (more)

  BigCommerce II

BigCommerce Connect II extends the connection from Big Business to your BigCommerce store to update Products and Customers, set customer-specific pricing, and more. Fully automatic and fully customizable, it enables powerful functions for wholesale B2B (business-to-business) or retail B2C ecommerce.

This Solution provides details. (7167)

  BigCommerce II Overview

BigCommerce II extends the functions of BigCommerce Connect, to add features like:
• Skip Order processing
• Update Product Stock Level
• Update Product Price

Take your automation to the next level. [7314]

  BigCommerce II Settings

BigCommerce II Settings automate the update of your web store. [7323]

  Upload Items

Click Upload on the Items Search to update Products in your online store.

This tool is restricted by Employee. Once you have Connect enabled for your web store, you must set Allow for each employee.

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Link-Only lets you connect your Items in Big Business to the matching products in your web store. Big Business does this by looking up the Item Code in the Product SKU, for example, and capturing the Product ID. Big Business can then update your online inventory in real time.

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  Update Availability

Update Availablity lets you update your online inventory in real time. If you have 10 Widgets and sell 2 in your online store, it now thinks you have 8. If you then take a phone order for 5, you need to update the store so it knows there are only 3 left. Big Business can do this for you automatically. (7170)

  BigCommerce II Don't Get/Set/Use

BigCommerce II has a setting to ignore Orders but continue to automatically process Product updates. If you manually enter orders from your web store, but need live updates to Stock Levels in BigCommerce, use this setting.