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Chapter 71 Weight

Big Business includes options for Units of Measure, including:
• Abbreviations for units of measure
• Counts for each item's units of measure
• automatic conversion of Price and Quantity

Chapter 65 Units

Remote Client

Big Business Professional supports Remote Client. Instead of screen sharing or using remote desktop, you can run Client remotely. This requires reliable network access.

Big Business has built-in features for full encryption and file sharing. Just connect Client directly and security and document sharing are included without needing VPN.

This Solution provides setup information. (7164)

Larger Windows

Big Business includes a few features to make your windows larger so they are easier to work with:
• Auto-Zoom scales windows so the content is bigger and easier to read
• Window Height opens windows taller so you can see more line items

Your settings follow you to any computer you use, so please choose options that work for you everywhere.


Big Business includes an XML Parser which validates and will throw an error like:
-9935 The XML is not valid or is not well-formed

Fix XML is an option to correct incoming XML with syntax errors like failing to encode Ampersand.

XML Syntax

Screen Cleanup

There are a lot of options for icons, backgrounds, and resizing of windows in Big Business. Often there is a combination of setttings that does display optimally. If you run into one, please let us know. Sometimes it is fixed by resetting. Sometimes it needs cleanup.

This Solution will detail changes as needed. (7033)

Remember Last

Remember Last is being Retired. It is not compatible with dynamic windows.

Big Business includes a feature to remember window position and sizing. Big Business windows can be resized vertically to display more detail. New windows are automatically sized and positioned by default. By choosing the Remember Last you can have your windows arranged and sized differently and have those settings rem
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