Ship Weight Rounding and Display

Prior to Big Business 5.0.4, the rounding for Ship Weights for Items:
• Ship Weight on the Item Card
• Extended Ship Weight for a line item (Quote, Sales Order, Invoice)
• Total Ship Weight for a Quote, Sales Order, or Invoice
was set to two decimal places. Ship Weights now follow the display and rounding settings for Unit Price.

This Solution explains the options for rounding and displaying

Update Weight for Built Items

Big Business 9 automatically updates the Cost for Built Items.

Big Business 9.9 adds the option to Set Built Weight at the same time.

This Solution describes these features. (6497)

Chapter 71 Weight

Big Business includes options for Units of Measure, including:
• Abbreviations for units of measure
• Counts for each item's units of measure
• automatic conversion of Price and Quantity


Ship Weight

Quotes, Orders, and Invoices total weight of the line items. These totals are based on the shipping weights entered into Item Cards. (3077)

Purchase Weight

Requisitons, Purchase Orders (PO's), and Bills include Weight which totals the Ship Weight for their items. (6925)

Other Charges for Weight

The Calculation of Other Charges on a Big Business Quote, Sales Order or Invoice can be used in a variety of ways including:

-Automatically entering a “Fixed Amount” to be included in the Total, but excluded from the Subtotal and Tax (e.g. flat handling charge)
-Calculating a “Percentage of Subtotal” (e.g. Discount, Surcharge, Freight by value)
-Calculating a “Percentage of Taxable“ (e.g. a seco