Screen Cleanup

There are a lot of options for icons, backgrounds, and resizing of windows in Big Business. Often there is a combination of setttings that does not display optimally. If you run into one, please let us know. Sometimes it is fixed by resetting. Sometimes it needs cleanup.

This Solution will detail changes as needed. (7033)

Big Business 13.71 and Big Business 14.28 clean up Requisition, Ship To.

Big Business 13.13 cleans up Contact Roles and B2B options on Contacts.

Big Business 13.12 fixes Column headers on Invoice with backgrounds off and Connect Settings windows with backgrounds off.

Big Business 12.30 fixes System Font Sizing which was tested on Quote tab.

Big Business 12.17 starts to correct display anomalies that remained unchanged while Big Business 11 and Big Business 12 were being updated concurrently.


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