Remember Last

Remember Last is being Retired. It is not compatible with dynamic windows.

Big Business includes a feature to remember window position and sizing. Big Business windows can be resized vertically to display more detail. New windows are automatically sized and positioned by default. By choosing the Remember Last you can have your windows arranged and sized differently and have those settings remembered.

The Solution explains these settings. (5741)

Big Business automatically tiles new windows so they are stacked but offset downward and to the right so that you can see the window(s) behind. If you choose a Default Window Size, new windows are automatically sized to fit the screen size chosen and auto-tiling of five or more windows.

You can choose the Windows setting Remember Last--in the Notes Prefs--to have each tool window rember its sizing and postion. You may want Invoices to be very long and Bills to be very short (on screen). Or you may want to arrange a search window on the left and display window on the right (screen size permitting).

To enable Remember Last Window Position:
1. Sign-in as the user you want to change settings for (e.g. yourself).
2. Go to the Notes toolbar, the the Notes Prefs
3. Under the Windows pulldown, choose Remember Last.
4. Click OK to save the Prefs.

Test by opening a window, such as Invoice, dragging it to a new location, and closing. Re-open the same window and it should open in the same location.

You can override the last window position by holding the Shift key. Hold the Shift key while opening a window to have it open in the center of the screen.

This preference is specific to the User and the computer. Turning on Rember Last for yourself will not affect other users. Window postions are saved on the workstation, so will be different for different computers you use, which may have different screen sizes.

To turn off Remember Last, choose the Auto-Tile setting in the Windows pulldown in the Notes Prefs.


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