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MySQL Keys

Big Business 12.25 added new Order Tracking and Shipping Status. These can cause an error in MySQL, used for Shipping Connect, when it attempts to create Keys. Big Business 12.29 fixes this problem.


Alert Notes

Big Business can send you a Note with system alerts from automatic operations like Folder Connect. Just fill in Send Notifications To in the settings for any connection.

In the picture, Folder Connect is importing files from an online folder and getting alerts for Check Customer PO (6306) and Reported (6524), every two minutes.

This Solution provides tips for handling these.

Customer UoM Count

Customer UoM Count is an option for Part Numbers that helps you manange part numbers for specific customers to include purchase quantities.

This option is designed to work with Units of Measure.
Chapter 67 Part Numbers

Customer Price

Customer Price is an option for Part Numbers that helps you manange part numbers for specific customers to automate pricing and preset purchase quantities.
Chapter 67 Part Numbers

Chapter 65 Units

Big Business includes options for Units of Measure, including:
• Abbreviations for units of measure
• Counts for each item's units of measure
• automatic conversion of Price and Quantity

Chapter 65 Units

Units on Imports

Big Business includes Fields on Imports for Units of Measure:
• UoM Abbrev. - abbreviation for unit of measure
• UoM Count - count for unit of measure
• UoM Qty - quantity for unit of measure
• UoM Price - price for unit of measure

This Solution describes using Units on Imports. (7154)
Chapter 65 Units

Folder Validation

Folder Connect lets you set an online folder to check for import files for automatic processing.

To avoid problems you can choose a File Kind like ".txt" for text files to skip non-matching files that could cause problems.

To further validate matching files, you can enter a test in Validation, like "OrderNumber=@" to only process files contain an OrderNumber entry.
(Up) Chapter 43

Inventory Reporting

Big Business provides a number of ways to report inventory:
• Item Status - get current counts and values that represent all transactions
• Inventory Sales Analysis - get counts and values for past periods and transactions
• By Warehouse - get counts per warehouse
• Count Sheets - print a list for counting
• Export - export to a spreadsheet or other system for counting or coordinating

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