Alert Notes

Big Business can send you a Note with system alerts from automatic operations like Folder Connect. Just fill in Send Notifications To in the settings for any connection.

In the picture, Folder Connect is importing files from an online folder and getting alerts for Check Customer PO (6306) and Reported (6524), every two minutes.

This Solution provides tips for handling these.

You can use the Notes tool to search for Notes that have been sent to you by a tool like Folder Connect or contain the name for a setup like "test profile".

You can click Add (+) to add a column like Note to the Notes List window.

You can Select All, in the Edit menu or by typing Command-A, and then Delete by clicking the Delete button and responding to the confirmation dialog.

You can also look up the entries to see what they mean. Go to:
and type in the number, 6306 or 6524, to see these write-ups.

To save you the trip:
• Check Customer PO (6306) means you have duplicate PO checking turned on
• Reported (6524) means some subroutine sent its own error [-9935]

The latter is a real error you can pass on to to find out more. Double-clicking that line opens the Note with the -9935 error and its text, "file not valid".